Wildland Fire Safety 

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We would like the opportunity for Franktown Fire Protection District to present at your upcoming homeowner’s association meeting about the challenges and solutions to wildland fire.  Access to natural land in Franktown is important to us both, but that also comes with the responsibility of understanding the threat of wildland fire.

The Franktown Fire Protection District has recently adopted the program “Ready, Set, Go!” A program to help engage with individuals that we serve, like yourself, concerning the risks of wildland fire in Franktown and how we can both become partners in the wildland fire solution.

The "Ready, Set, Go!" Program works in a complimentary and collaborative fashion with other wildland fire public education programs such as: Firewise, Living with Fire, Take Responsibility, FireSmart, etc. – and amplifies their messages to individuals to better achieve the common endeavor we all share of fire-adapted communities.  The program is endorsed by Firewise and the U.S. Forest Service, among others. 

Our department’s presentation will include a video and distribution of a wildland fire family action guide.  A short presentation by one of our firefighters will explain preparedness; situational awareness when a fire approaches; and the importance of leaving early, both for your safety and for the safety of responding firefighters. 

Please feel free to contact the station at (303) 688-3811 or Patti Nygaard (PNygaard@FranktownFire.orgto schedule this presentation or Captain Ryan Potton ( with specific questions.  We look forward to the opportunity to meet our residents and deliver this important wildland fire safety message